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Our treatment methods for ant control  are non invasive and safe for homeowners, occupiers, tenants commercial / industrial premises. We also guarantee to get rid of your Ants. We service Wellington, the Hutt Valley and Porirua for Ants and all other Pest Control needs

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Argentine Ants

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White Footed Ant treatment and control in Wellington,Porirua, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Petone, Eastbourne

Australian White Footed Ant

New Zealand has just 11 recognized species of native ants, all of which are endemic. However, 27 ant species have become established in New Zealand as a result of human error and trade .There are three common types of Pest ant Species that are seen around Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua. They are Australian White Footed Ants, Argentine Ants and Darwinian Ants. 

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants ((Linepithema humile) (Mayr)) are one of the world's most invasive and problematic ant species. They are very aggressive, and although they are not poisonous, they do bite people. 

Argentine ants are easy to tell apart from other species due to their brownish red colour as most other household pest ant speciesare black. They are generally much smaller than other Pest Ant species at around 2-3mm long in size.

Argentine ants unlike other ant species cooperate with other Argentine nests and in winter have been known to band together and build super colonies.


Due to their sheer numbers, Argentine ants are often more aggressive than other species and compete with Animals and other insect species for food.  

Our method of treatment for Argentine Ants is a baiting and/or spraying system. For Argentine Ants we generally do not need to treat inside your house and the treatment process is non invasive for the homeowner, tenant, occupier or commercial premises. 

We Guarantee to get rid of ants. 

Australian White footed Ants

Australian White Footed Ants are the most common pest ant species in the Greater Wellington region. It is named the White footed ant because the ends of its legs are a white colour. It is small in size usually 2-3 mm in length and black in colour. 

Australian white footed colonies can have individual ants numbering over a million and will often try to re-invade an area that has had the ant's treated because of this we provide a long term treatment for Ant removal. 

White footed ants are most commonly found living in structural cavities inside buildings and houses. Ant treatment for white footed ants include bait and sprays. Our treatment process for pest ants is safe and non invasive for the home owner and pets, tenants, commercial and industrial premises. 

We guarantee to get rid of white footed ants on a 6 month or 1 year basis. 

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