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Borer (Bora)

Borer is our specialty. We have been doing Borer treatments in Wellington and across the North Island since 1990. With close to 3 decades specialising in borer we are one of New Zealands leading Borer experts. We get rid of Borer Guaranteed. 

There are up to 7 species of borer (bora ) in New Zealand. The most common is the Common House Borer. Signs that you may have borer in your home timbers, doors or furniture include small (2-4mm) flight holes on the surface of the timber and piles of fine sawdust.

Common House Borer (Anobium Punctatum) (Bora)

Common House Borer (bora) (Anobium punctatum) 

The most common type of Borer in New Zealand is the Common House Borer (Anobium Punctatum). Borer attack damp and untreated timbers and is most prevalent in houses built before 1965 which had large amounts of untreated timber in them however it will also attack where treatments have been sub standard or exposed to long periods of moisture. 

The best way to treat borer effectively is using a timber preservative that can last the distance. The science behind this is it will outlast the life cycle of the borer and still provide residual protection against borer should they try to repopulate. We guarantee our Borer Treatments for 10 years.


Our borer treatments and warranties are also able to be transferred to the new owner of a house when ownership changes inside the 10 year warranty period.


Borer will generally attack timber with a moisture level greater than 7% which is relatively dry. 


We offer free quotes for homeowners and pre-purchase inspections for $120 inc gst which can be subtracted from the treatment cost if we undertake the borer treatment for you.

Two Tooth Long Horn Beetle

(Ambeodontus tristis)

Two tooth long horn beetle treatments in New Zealand, Wellington Hutt Vally And Porirua

Two tooth Long Horn Beetle (Ambeodontus tristis)

Two tooth long horn beetle damage

Two tooth Borer Damage notice the distictively Oval holes

Two Tooth Long Horn Borer / Beetle (Ambeodontus tristis)

Two Tooth long horn beetle (Ambeodontus tristis) are very destructive pests and our found in untreated timbers with a moisture content generally higher than 16% moisture content.

Unlike borer which will genreally only eat soft wood like sap timbers, Two Tooth will eat Heart (hart timber) Timber as well as softer timber and eat far more of it.


A two tooth long horn beetle is generally 12-25mm in length and leaves a much larger hole that borer which is distinctively oval as seen on the left of the page. 

Two tooth (Ambeodontus tristis) are far more destructive than  Common House borer (Anobium Punctatum) on average a 140x more so. 

Our treatment process for two tooth long horn beetle/borer is non invasive to the homeowner and safe to remain in your house. We aim to kill the two tooth fast as well as leave a long term treatment which we Guarantee for 10 years.


With two tooth long horn beetle treatments, there is often an underlying cause of seeing two tooth in your house and that is generally moisture.


We can also give advice on how to remedy these issues to ensure a two tooth free future.

We offer free quotes and inspections for treatments in the greater wellington Region. Get in touch with us to arrange a time.





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