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German Cockroch treatmet, removal, control and how to get rid of them in Wellington Hutt Valley and Porirua

Picture: A German Cockroach

(Blatella Germanica)

German Cockroach Treatments and control in Wellington Hutt Valley and Porirua. Integrated Pest Management

There are two pest species of cockroaches stand out as being the most common found in the Wellington, Hutt Valley and Porirua Regions. Our methods for Cockroach treatments and control are safe and effective for the homeowner and business alike and we guarantee to get rid of them.  Cockroaches are a health hazard due to their eating habits and can spread diseases like salmonella, Dysentry and Diarrhoea. Some species have even been known to cause Asthma in sensitive individuals.

The German Cockroach (Blatella germanica)

German Cockroaches are a small cockroach approx 12mm in length, with two distinctive stripes down the back. German Cockroaches are a major pest in kitchens, and a health hazard.


German Cockroaches are a filth feeders, that contaminate food and spread diseases.The German Cockroaches powerful antigens can even trigger asthma in sensitive people.

Over the years this pest cockroach has become highly resistant to insecticides. The more resistant it becomes, the more powerful its antigens become (more toxic to us).

A prolific breeder , it can produce 36 to 52 eggs every month and a half, and the cockroaches can be mature and ready to breed under optimum conditions in a month and a half.

Where German Cockroaches are established, they seek out warm moist areas such as stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and other crevices etc. German Cockroaches are also active nocturnally.

Fly spray, and bug bombs are not recommended or effective against Cockroaches and often make the problem worse, as they will spread the population of Cockroaches further into the building.

We treat German Cockroaches with a baiting system, which eradicates them totally. One treatment is usually enough for a domestic premises. Commercial premises, can take several treatments particularly in places where cockroaches are still being introduced through imported dry goods or whiteware.  


If you are experiencing limited success in a commercial environment it is often worth checking cockroaches aren't still being introduced through goods coming into the premises.

German Cockroaches pictured on a Glue Board trap

Gisborne Cockroach or Garden Cockroach treatments an control in Wellington, Hutt Valley and Porirua. Integrated Pest Management

Gisborne Cockroach (Drymapleneta somivitta)

Gisborne Cockroaches (Drymaplaneta somivitta)

The Gisborne Cockroach (or Perth Runner Cockroach) (Drymaplaneta somivitta) also known as the Garden Cockroach. This is a much larger cockroach than most and is often found outside, but does blunder into houses.


It prefers bark gardens, firewood stacks, and wood piles. It also lives under houses, and in the cracks in exterior cladding. It is not a health hazard like the German Cockroaches, but its size does give cause for concern to house owners.

We can offer treatments and pest control methods for all cockroaches and our treatment methods are safe for the homeowner, occupier, tenant and commericial / industrial premises alike.

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