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Feral Cat Control, trapping and removal humanely in Wellington Hutt Valley and Porirua

A common domestic cat that has gone feral

Feral Cat Control and Removal

Feral cats are a big problem around the greater Wellington Region including the Hutt Valley Porirua and Wellington itself. They kill native birds, attack pet cats and can be dangerous and territorial. They are often covered in fleas and mites too and pose a health risk to not only your pet cats but to other animals as well. 

For removing feral cats and kittens we use a live capture method. We also can scan and read microchips to find the owners if a microchip exists. 

We aim to save what we can and work with the SPCA to re-home cats that aren't beyond the point of no return. 

For cats that are vicious and don't have a chance of being re-homed or tamed we have them euthanised humanely. 

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