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Flea treatments an extermination in Wellington Hutt Valley and Porirua. How to get rid of Fleas

The cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) female full of eggs.

Flea bites seen on a human. Flea extermination and eradicaton in Wellington Hutt Valley and Porirua

Flea Bites as pictured on a Person

Fleas are pests of both humans, and their pets, all over the world. They have a 4 stage lifecycle of egg, Larvae, Pupae, and then Adult. Only the adult fleas bite. 


A female flea will lay a few eggs each day, until until she has laid between 200 and 400 eggs in total. The eggs are laid on the host (cat or dog) but as they are not attached, will often fall to the ground, or into nests, or bedding, or carpets, upholstery or cracks in the floor.


The larvae hatch from the eggs and feed on all kinds of organic matter. They develop quickly especially when feeding on the fecal matter of adult fleas, as they contain undigested blood.


The larvae eventually spins a cocoon. If temperatures are warm enough . the adult may emerge about 7 to 14 days afterwards. It may also however if conditions don't allow take up to 6 months to develop.


When Fleas emerge from from the cocoon  it is usually due to c02 and vibration. You walk into an empty house , drop your suitcases (vibration), give a big sigh of relief, breath out (c02), and the fleas start emerging all around you.

Prior to treating a house for fleas, it should be thoroughly vacuumed, and any pets should be treated using a suitable flea treatment such as Advantage or Frontline.

Flea bombs are generally not effective, and a commercial application of a flea pesticide, and an IGR (insect growth regulator) are usually applied to the flea infested areas.


Note that the flea cocoon stage is highly resistant to pesticides and fleas may still be seen for up to a month after treatment. Generally the house needs to be vacated for a few hours during treatment

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