Fly Control and Treatments

Our Fly / flies Control and treatment to get rid of flies involves a process of exclusion using fly screens, traps, spraying surfaces like ceilings and treating roof cavities and also using Bug Zapping light bulbs. We cover the Wellington Region including Wellington City Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua for Flies and all your other Pest Control needs.

Flies are often attracted to dwellings in warm weather and certainly make their presence known. Flies generally lay their eggs in decaying bodies of rodents, or other animals and birds that have died in roof voids, wall cavities etc. They also attracted to rotting compost materials, food scraps, and organic rubbish. Flies can be a real nuisance and also make a mess leaving their fecal matter on ceilings, light fittings, walls etc. Call us today for all your fly treatment and fly control needs.

Vinegar flies, Drain flies, and Phlorid flies

These types of flies are often encountered in restaurants, cafes , bakeries, and other industrial and commercial food preparation places. Generally these flies breed in damp organic material, and stagnant drains and grease traps. Keeping drains and traps clean is the key to eliminate damp areas where organic material can decay

We also offer treatments and control for these types of flies. 

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