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Common Mites

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Flour Mites, Pantry Mites, Extermination an Control in Wellington, Hutt Vally and Porirua

Flour Mites or Pantry mites snacking on Flour in a Pantry

Bird Mite Control and Pest Control in Wellington Hutt Valley and Porirua

Pictured: Bird Mites (A starling Mite) 

Bird Mite Bites.jpg

The two Most common types of Mites we encounter and deal with in the Greater Wellington Region are the Flour Mite (Acarus Siro) and Bird Mites (there are several different species but the most common is the Starling Mite (Ornithonyssus bursa, from the family Macronyssidae))

Flour mites Acarus siro

Those moving white spots moving around food areas in cupboards, on benches etc, are usually Flour mites. These are the most common mites of food stuffs, Approximately a third to half a millimetre in length they appear as small ,moving white dots. High humidity, and warmth can accelerate populations. They contaminate grain and flour which then acquire a minty smell, and spoil grains and flour. They can also cause skin irritations.

To treat flour mites we dispose of infested food and then treat the affected areas.

Bird mites

Bird Mites are often encountered in houses in late spring to early summer, where birds have been nesting, usually in the roof. Bird Mites feed on the blood of nesting birds and after the birds leave, go looking for another food supply.

Often the Bird Mites food source ends up being human . They run across the ceiling of houses to detect C02 (Humans exhaling). They then drop down onto their new host and Often bite the exposed skin.


Bird Mites can be found anywhere on the body. Bird Mite bites become intensely itchy, especially at night when the Bird Mites are most active. The Bird Mites bites are often described as giving a crawling sensation as the Bird Mites inject saliva into their bites.

Bird mites do not burrow into the skin, and they are unable to complete their life cycle on humans however they are often mistaken for Bed Bugs or Fleas to the inexperienced Pesty.

To treat bird mites requires vacation of the premises for 4-5 hours. 

Bird Mite Bites as pictured on a Person

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