Possum control and removal in Wellington Hutt Valley and Porirua Integrated Pest Management

Common Brush tail Possum

Possum Control and Removal

Possums love them or hate them, they have done extremely well here in New Zealand due to not having any real predators. They carry a disease called Bovine Tb which they spread to cattle. Damage done by possums cost farmers approximately 35 million per year and the New Zealand Government spends around 110 million in fighting possums and possum control every year.

We live trap possums or kill trap them depending on the situation. With live trapping we must check traps within 12 hours of sunrise every day until the possum is caught. 

We often use live traps in domestic areas where the chances of catching other domesticated animals is high. 

All Possums we catch are humanely put down. 

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