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Slater treatments and Control

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Slaters or woodlice Control and treatments in Wellington, Hutt Valley and Porirua

Slaters or woodlice feeding on rotting timber.

Woodlice or Slaters (Porcellio scaber)

Slaters are a crustacean and they have gills, not lungs. Slaters need moist areas to be survive and when seen walking across carpets in houses, are usually dying due to desiccation. 


They tend to feed on decaying wood, and rotting organic material in damp areas. They can also attack seedlings and smaller plant matter,

Sightings of this crustacean in or around your house highlight damp areas. In some houses , especially those built of untreated timber (esp. 1998 to 2002 and possibly later) where slaters are seen inside are often an indication that the wall timbers are rotting, and being fed on by this creature.

For treating and controlling Slaters, we use a spray however you need to look into where they are coming from and what the cause of the slaters are as often a treatment is an ambulance at the bottom of a cliff.

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