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Spider Control and Treatments

A white tailed spider, Spider treatments and pest control in Wellington, Hutt Valley and Poriruas

Our Spider Control and treatments to get rid of Spiders involves a process of Spraying exteriors of buildings and areas where spiders are making themselves an issue. We also treat for white tails and other spiders internally as well, depending on your requirements. We cover the Wellington Region including Wellington City Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua for Spiders and all your other Pest Control needs.

Spiders make a mess, Unsightly webs on the exterior of houses, fences and other buildings are one of the main issues with spiders, the other is some species of spiders bite. 

They usually build their webs, where they will catch insect prey. These house and orb spiders also attract other spiders such as the two species of Australian White Tailed Spiders that feed on them.


Spraying the exterior of houses will eliminate spiders , and their unsightly webs. Clearing foliage from being in contact with the house also helps.

White tailed spiders are probably the most well known of spiders and though it is unusual for them to bite, White tails are still known to do so.

Inside treatments for spiders involve using sprays, and mists.

A white tailed spider: note the banding on its legs

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