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Wasps and Bees

Our treatment methods for wasp and bee control  are fast and effective whether the wasps or bees are swarming your flowering Ivy, nesting in the cavities of your home or business or in a tree stump in the back garden. We guarantee to get rid of your Wasp or Bee swarm / nest fast regardless of its size and location. We can often relocate your bees to avoid exterminating them. We Service the Greater Wellington Region including Wellington City, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua for Wasps, Bees and all your other Pest Control needs 

German Wasp control and all pest control eradication in Wellington Hutt Valley and Porirua

German Wasp (Vespula germanica)

Wasp cotrol and all other pest control needs in Welligton, Hutt Valley and Porirua

European Common Wasp (Vespula vulgaris)

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Bumblebee Treatments and pest control in Wellington Porirua and Hutt Valley

A Bumblebee (Bombus)


In the Greater Wellington Region we have three common types of Wasps that have evolved into pest species, the German Wasp. European Common Wasp and the Paper Wasp

New Zealand has some of the highest densities of German and Common Wasps in the world. This is due to the fact we have relatively mild winters and they also have no natural predators here. There is also no shortage of food for them.

Our wasp treatments vary depending on where they are located and the problems you are experiencing with them but most commonly we will treat the nest. The process from start to finish takes about 24 hours but most of the knock down period is in the first 15 - 20 minutes.

This treatment process is valid for both the German Wasp and the Common Wasp Species.

For Paper Wasps the process is quite a different and depending on where the paper cones are located we will use either a spray process or dry powder to control and eradicate the wasps.

We understand the urgency in wanting to get your wasp nest taking care of and we will aim to get there the same day or next day.

Bumble Bees (Bombus)

Bumble bees are large insects, up to 25 mm in length. There are four different species in New Zealand and were introduced for pollination of clover. Bumble bees mainly feed on nectar and pollen.

Their nests are usually located underground or in structural cavities (usually in insulation) and they can sting to defend themselves or their nests but won't unless they feel threatened.

Bumblebee Nests generally only last a few months and unless it is is unavoidable or too close for comfort they are often left to their own devices and they will head off when they are ready.


We will often try to save bees and relocate them whenever we can however bumblebees can be quite a challenge to remove and relocate due to where they make their nests.


If you would like to talk to us about Bumblebees feel free to give us a call for a friendly and no obligation chat.  

Honey Bees (Apis mellifera)

Honey bee hive relocation and pest control in Wellington, Hutt Valley and Porirua

A honey bee (Apis mellifera) collecting nectar and pollinating flowers.

The Honey bee is as it is fondly known one of ours and possibly one of your favourite insects, that is until it moves in and doesn't pay rent. Honey Bees can be aggressive and often live in structural cavities of buildings and out houses making removal tricky.


We will endeavour to to relocate honey bees whenever possible and work closely with several bee keepers to ensure they go to a good home and get back to pollinating our gardens and making our favourite toast topping. 

In instances where we are unable to relocate honey bees we will treat the hive.  Our treatment methods for Honey bees are safe for the homeowner / occupier as well as fast and effective.

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